Music Teachers’ Associations
Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association – ORMTA – Barrie Branch
Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association – ORMTA – Provincial website
Alberta Registered Music Teachers’ Association – ARMTA – Provincial website
Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Association – CFMTA – National website
Canadian National Conservatory of Music – CNCM – National website
Conservatory Canada – National website
Alberta Piano Teachers Association – APTA – National website
Music Teachers National Association – MTNA – United States

Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations – Register for exams on-line
Canadian Music Centre – Information on Canadian Music
Christopher Norton Connections – Information regarding Christopher Norton’s Connections Series
Faculty of Music – U. of T. – University of Toronto

Songs for Kids - Great resource page with a variety of interesting links

Teachers / Composers
Susan Griesdale – Teacher and composer (Red Leaf Pianoworks)
Laliberte Studios – Teacher and composer – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Notekidds – Great beginner method books for piano students – Nova Scotia
Redleaf Pianoworks – Canadian composer group

Piano and Theory Pedagogy/Music Education Blogs
Ultimate Music Theory - author - Glory St. Germain