The Student Music Organizer - The Complete Dictation Book

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All-In-One Innovative Approach to Music Dictation

 Weekly Assignment Sheets for One Full Year

  • The teacher and the parent can tell at a glance what has been completed and the assignments for next week. 
  • The student can monitor his/her progress by marking the accomplished practice time in the chart provided. 

Student Practice Schedule

  • Enables the teacher and student to decide on how much practice time is required each day. 

Goal Setting for Exams, Recitals & Festivals

  • The student and the teacher can set musical goals together. A space has been provided to compile favourite pieces.
  • The yearly format allows the student or the teacher to look back at previous books and see what has been accomplished in other years.

Extra Manuscript Paper

  • Can be used for theory, exercises or student's own compositions.

Musical Reference Guide

  • Contains a history section, musical terms and signs plus key signatures and note values.

This book can be adapted to students of all ages


♫ An organized student will be a more productive and enthusiastic student ♫

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