2015 Scale Charts (Individual Grades Sold Separately or in Teacher Sets)

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These scale charts cover all the piano grades from Level A up to the Associate level (new 2015 technical requirements). They are printed in full colour on white card stock. Includes all of the scales, chords and arpeggios along with all details for each level.

  • The Level A to Grade 10 charts are single-sided. The Associate level is double-sided. 
  • Scale charts are colour-coded to show at a glance whether the elements are to be played hands separately or hands together. Diminished 7ths are also colour-coded for ease of identification.
  • Major scales are listed in upper case and the minors are in lower case.
  • Scales are always listed first, chords are in the middle and arpeggios are at the bottom. 
  • Top bars are coloured to match the graded books.
  • The scale charts are sold individually or in sets - Junior (Level A-3), Intermediate (Level 4-8) and Senior (Level 9, 10, Associate). 
  • Charts are also available as downloadable PDF files (see product list).

Here are some of the benefits of using The Student Technique Organizers:

  • Scale Charts save time. They are super organized, simple and easy-to-use one-page  guides for each grade.
  • Charts are also weekly practice guides. All the material for each level is divided into six days.
  • Students or teachers can write specific information in the boxes i.e. key signature, raised notes, fingering etc.

    NOTE: These charts are copyrighted and are not to be copied and distributed to others. Students are required to purchase their own copies.

    Click here to download a sample scale chart

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