Interval Cards (Above and Below)

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These handy cards are sold in three different formats:

- Student Cards (5 card set - 5x4")

- Teacher Studio Card (8 1/2 x11")

- Downloadable pdf - Above Intervals (8 1/2 x 11")

- Downloadable pdf - Below Intervals (8 1/2 x 11")

The Student Ear Training Organizer (Interval Card) is a quick reference guide for teachers and students.

The Interval Card is designed to help students in preparation for the ear-training portion of their exams. In each grade, a student is required to identify a certain number of intervals, both above and below a given note. One quick way of identifying intervals is to associate the interval with the beginning of a well-known song.

The Interval Card contains all the intervals above and below a given note. The above intervals are on one side and the below intervals are on the opposite side. Each interval has the beginning words of a well-known song beside it. In some cases, more than one song is given.

The teacher may highlight all the intervals on the card that the student is required to know for their current exam. This card becomes a great memory aid to assist students with this portion of the exam. 

NOTE: These charts and digital files are copyrighted and are not to be copied and distributed to others. Students are required to purchase their own copies.

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