Another Successful Master Class Darlene Irwin     March 01, 2014

Musical Update:

My students were so excited to perform in our Master Class this past Monday evening. Everyone agreed that this was the best one yet! They had fun sharing their music with each other. This class was our annual pajama party.


The students who performed were at many different levels. A few were beginners. Three had just finished their piano exams (two Grade 7's and one Grade 8) and quite a few participated in the O.R.M.T.A. evaluation day. One student is preparing for University auditions and another has just finished that process. Some performed from memory, especially those who have an upcoming performance. Others took the music up with them and then didn't even look at it. They just didn't feel comfortable performing without the score.

I asked some of my students what they liked about Master Classes. Here are some of their comments:

  • The best thing about Master Classes is the food! I also like to listen to different songs. I guess you could say that I like everything about them! (10 year old girl, Pre-Grade 1 level)
  • I love master classes because it makes performing fun. There is no stress at all. It's like just do it! (17 year old boy, Grade 10 level)
  • I really like the food!! And I love when people play different and unusual pieces. I also really like the pajama parties because it makes music fun. (13 year old girl, Grade 5 level).
  • I think that Master Classes are more fun than recitals. I like getting to know the other students. I also really like hearing what they are playing. (12 year old boy, Grade 8 level)
  • I get to hear lots of different songs. I really like hearing the older kids play. I also like hearings songs that I've already done. That way, I know I'm getting better! (10 year old boy, Grade 1 level)

Remember, when planning a studio master class, less is more! In this class, the pieces were not too long, everyone had the opportunity to play something and the class ended on time. The class was about 60 minutes long, which left about 30 minutes for socializing, The students especially enjoyed the snacks! Parents take turns providing refreshments for each class.

A fun time was had by all and we're already starting to pick pieces for our next Master Class in May!