10 Reasons Why Everyone Should be Listening to Classical Music Brooke Neuman (Guest Blog Post -     February 22, 2016


Many students are under the impression that classical music is “boring”. What they don’t know, however, is that classical music actually has a number of mental and physical benefits.

In fact, there have been numerous studies conducted that have proven that listening to classical music can help improve sleep quality, boost creativity, and increase productivity.

For instance, listening to classical music for just 45 minutes prior to bed can help improve sleep quality, according to a study of people with sleep issues.

Not only does listening to classical music help people fall asleep, but it can also improve people’s moods. Listening to classical music helps increase dopamine secretion, which activates the brain’s reward and pleasure center.

Wait, there’s more! Below are a few more amazing benefits of listening to classical music. Share this infographic with your students and they might just change how they feel about the musical genre.



This article originally appeared on Brooke Neuman is a music editor at TakeLessons, an online marketplace that connects thousands of teachers and students for local and live online music lessons.